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Find an invitation with a picture of a house. You might want to assign a room to each guest. The host may want to consult with the couple to see if one room needs more attention than the others. Provide this information with the invitation.

If the party is to take place in the home where the newlyweds will live, you probably will want to give all the guests a tour. It might be fun to put trail markers on the floor or walls guiding the group along. In the room where the party will take place, set up a floor plan of the couple's home by marking off the floor with ribbon or string. Put each gift in its appropriate room and watch the home take shape.

Gifts can range from fun gadgets, to decorative goodies, to practical appliances and utensils. Guests can chip in on big-ticket items like kitchen appliances and electronics.

Games and Activities
Have the guests write a limerick for each room of the house. Start by having one guest write the first line of the limerick, then pass it on to another guest who provides the second line. Go around the room until you have a five-line limerick. Do a limerick for each room of the house. Here's a sample limerick: There once was a couple just itchin' / To get married and cook in their kitchen / When it was time to make stew / They knew just what to do / They called all their friends and said "Pitch in!"

Party Favors
Give the guests a favor that celebrates their homes. Each guest can receive a decorative plaque or mug with its own inspirational quote about home. Feel-good sayings like "There's no place like home" or "Home is where the heart is" will work for these favors.


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